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Please print and submit your application to:

Marianne Gutteridge – Seattle Free Lances Membership

3504 NE 182nd St.

Lake Forest Park, WA 98155-4222

Or via e-mail to: Ý[email protected]

Date: _______________________
Name: ___________________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________

Phone: ___________________________________________________________
Email: ___________________________________________________________

Website: _________________________________________________________
SFL Sponsor: _____________________________________________________

Membership Applicant:

…        Must be sponsored by a Member in good standing.

…        Must attend at least two Seattle Free Lances meetings before applying.

…        Must fill out an application form completely and submit samples of published work(s).

Published writers may qualify for membership under the criteria:

Check the box that applies to your field.

 a)       Published three individual articles, short stories, plays, poems, or a combination of each, for monetary payment, to a regional, national, international, or online publication(s);
 b)       Published one book of fiction or non-fiction (genre non-specific), poetry, or plays by an established publisher in which the writer is contracted to receive monetary payment for their work in the form of advances and/or royalties;
 c)       Published one regional, national, or international syndicated newspaper or magazine column sold for monetary payment;
 d)       Published one television, film, video, or audiovisual script, sold for monetary payment, to a producer for regional, national, or international distribution;
 e)       Published one self-published book. Author must submit media/sales kit (author bio, book pitch sheet, reviews, proof of current wholesalers or distributors). The book will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
 f)        Authors who have been out of print may be considered for membership on a case-by-case basis.

Title of work(s): (use back side if you need more room)

Are you a professional with an affiliation with freelance writers and/or hold a position servicing the writing community, including:

blvk uniloop

____ Bookstore owner or manager

____ Editor, publisher, or book producer

____ Literary agent

Notice to applicant: Your application will be reviewed by the Membership Committee, presented before the board of directors, and posted in our monthly newsletter. You will be notified by the Membership Committee if your application is accepted. A one-time initiation fee of $10 and $25 annual dues will be then be requested.